These scripts are distributed free of charge by BIM One Inc. They have all been tested and used by our specialists before being distributed. However, due to the nature of Dynamo, some of the scripts may not work as expected on your computers; therefore, we cannot be held responsible for your use of them. Of course, we will try to correct any problems or answer your questions as much as possible and according to our availability.

With Dynamo, it is essential to understand that manipulations on a file can cause an undesired result. This is why it is important to always save your file or a copy of your file before proceeding.

A good practice to improve the reliability of Dynamo scripts consists in closing and reopening Dynamo every time you use the same script on the same file.

The following applications, historically developed by BIM One, are no longer supported and are now available as open source on GitHub.
So, we let the community use and improve as it wishes these add-ins that helped many of you in your daily tasks since our beginnings!

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